Co2 Offset Standards

Co2 Offset Standards

What are Co2 offset standards?

Co2 Offset providers are organizations or companies that coordinate the offsetting of Co2 emissions.

Which one are mainly used?

Why are there Co2 offset standards?

Their main objective is to act as coordinator and gateway between buyers (us, you) and those who develop and execute the projects that lead to Co2 emission reductions. Offset providers provide two main advantages:

1) They generally are able to do it much more efficient (as otherwise you would need to work with somebody on the other side of the planet).

2) They check and verify whether the projects meet certain criteria and standards and follow up where needed.

How has Gricker selected the Co2 offset standards it considers?

We have reviewed the offering from dozens of Co2 offset providers as well as reviews from others on which are preferred. In our view the selected offset providers provide a good balance of type of projects, realistic pricing, methodologies and standards as well as well as geographic coverage. We do not plan to change the list regularly but we will review on a periodic basis if the providers still meet our criteria. If we drop a provider from the list, this does not mean we ‘keep the difference’. Instead we will spend more on the others.

Where can I read more about Co2 offset standards?

These are the Co2 offset standards that we look for

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