Gricker’s Co2 Emission discloures

Gricker's own Co2 emissions

Our operations

  • Energy: Our office is powered by solar panels. All further energy need (mainly when there is not enough sunshine) is purchased as 100% renewable energy from Zurich’s Electricity provider EKZ. 
  • Heating is undertaken by solar heating panels and any remaining heating comes from pellets.
  • Mobility: We still use a gasoline powered car, but we Grick our car(s) and so ensure we offset Co2 emissions for them. All our post is sent Co2 neutral.
  • We Recycle

Plans to further reduce Co2 emissions

  • Replace our gasoline powered car with a battery or hybrid car.
  • Request suppliers if they reduce Co2 emissions further (instead of increasing more Co2 offsetting).
  • Convince the world to Grick!

Suppliers and service providers

Where possible we prefer to use service providers that are Co2 neutral. Our main service providers and suppliers and their Co2 policies can be found here:

Service Provider

% of energy that is Co2 Neutral

Main service providers

Credit Suisse 100%
Swiss Post 100%
A2 Hosting 100%

Online Platforms

Google 100%
Facebook 100%

LinkedIn / Microsoft

Microsoft (incl Linkedin) 100%
Stripe 100%


Twitter 0%


Twitter 0%


Twitter 0%


Twitter 0%

Twitter 0%


Twitter 0%

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