Co2 Emissions

How do we determine how much Co2 emissions to compensate?

Here we explain how we determine the amount of Co2 emissions for a device.
There is a simple and short version, and a more detailed longer one. 

There are many different views on how to determine the Co2 emissions caused by electric devices, such as a smartphone.

Devices cause Co2 emissions due to a) energy used to charge the phone; b) production & shipping of the phone and c) energy used by the infrastructure such as the mobile network.

To know how much Co2 we should reduce for each phone we need to know how much Co2 each phone emits.

We take a realistic estimate of the annual energy used to charge a phone and then calculate, for each country, how much Co2 emissions that causes.

More information

What are Co2 emissions of a device?

Smartphones do not emit Co2 themselves, but they do cause Co2 emissions:
1) energy requires to charge the phone
2) production and shipping of your phone
3) energy used by the infrastructure supporting your phone (phone masts, network routers, etc)

Why do you not take into account the Co2 caused for production and shipping?

We are considering offering this as an option, but at this moment we aim to limit the Co2 reduction to the energy used by the phone only. If you are interested, you can find an interesting article on Apple Iphones here.

Why do you not take into account the Co2 caused by the infrastructure supporting the device?

We are also considering this as an option, but need to look into this in more detail. At the moment we first aim to reduce the Co2 emissions caused by charging a smartphone. If you are interested in this topic, you can read more here.

Selection of external sources on Co2 emissions

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