About us


Gricker is a Swiss social enterprise that understands you want enjoy your life and stop climate change.


We want a future without climate change. There is no debate anymore: the main reason for climate change is that we are emitting too much greenhouse gasses, such as Co2. Reducing Co2 emissions will help reducing climate change.We believe that everybody can start reducing Co2 emissions if they are provided the opportunity. We want to make it as easy as possibly for as many people as possible.


We help you to offset Co2 emissions for your devices, such as your smartphone. The way we buy Co2 emissions will virtually guarantee that we can reduce Co2 emissions somewhere else on the (same) planet. This means your phone is effectively Co2 neutral.We also plan to help with offsetting more of your devices, support you in your search for Co2 friendlier products and services, or facilitate you to switch to renewable energy.We see Co2 offsetting as the start of the journey.

Where and who

Gricker is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is 100% owned and operated by Martin Smit.