404- the movie

404 - Ooooops.. we can explain!

I was surfing down the Gricker site and then suddenly I got this terrible 404 page!

First I was shocked. Then I became angry. I really tried to resist but then soon accepted that I had searched for something that simply did not exist.

After about 15 minutes screaming, Gricker gave me hope as I learned I could still buy a Gricker! I quickly told my friend Jane and after I mentioned it to her on the phone (which I just Gricked for her) she hung up and said she needed to check something out. She's nice, but a bit odd.
When i heard my friend John - you know that guy who always surfs the internet - saw this unusual 404 page, I immediately visited the Gricker site.

At start I was disappointed as all the pages seemed to work. I was hoping something would go terribly wrong and I would get this 404 page but it took me over 2 hours to get to this page. I typed in all the words I could imagine.

When I got the 404 page I was delighted . It did feel a bit like that Inception movie - you know that movie with Matt Damon - since I read a quote from myself which I knew I only wrote I actually only wrote after I visited the site!