Grick your phone

Grick your phone

and start your journey to reduce your Co2 emissions

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When Grick something (= you buy a Gricker), you are reduce a similar amoutn of Co2 emissions somewhere else on the planet. 

Climate change is real. The main cause is too much greenhouse gasses, mainly Co2, in the atmosphere.  Too much of theses gasses are heating up the planet. To prevent climate change we have to reduce Co2 emissions, as much as possible and as fast as possible.

The  charging of an average smartphone means about 4 kg of Co2 emissions per year. That may not sound like a lot – but with about 3 billion smartphones only the charging of of smartphones already leads to more then 10 billion kg of Co2 emissions per year, or the equivalent of about 10 million Boeing 747s fully filled with Co2 gas. 

We know how much Co2 each phone, on average, emits per year. When you buy a Gricker we buy (at least!) the amount of Co2 reductions from Co2 offset providers. They help ensure that somewhere else on our planet that amount of Co2 emissions is reduced.